April Dawn Niece   April Dawn Niece
April Niece is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Her favorite massage modality is orthopedic massage. Orthopedic massage focuses on treating physical conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, low back pain, “frozen shoulders,” etc. to improve function, comfort, and range of motion. Techniques ranging from Neuromuscular Therapy, facilitated stretching,
Phone: 859.743.1788

  pin-and-stretch methods, palpation, Swedish massage, and exercises are combined for individual therapy. April also is performs some of our other spa
services like hot stone, facelift massage, seaweed wraps, etc. April is personal trainer on staff who enjoys focusing on techniques used in crossfit training. She is also one of our Pilates Reformer trainers. April teaches small group yoga at the zen zone as well.
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